Monday 4 December 2023

Real Info Counselling Centre in Amritsar


Real Info Counselling Centre in Amritsar.


Located at SCO 74, Crown Plaza, Airport Road:


1. Culturally Sensitive Counselling:

Expertise in Indian Context: Real Info Counselling Centre in Amritsar specializes in culturally sensitive counselling, understanding the nuances of relationships in the Indian and Punjabi context.

2. Experienced Counselors:

Certified Professionals: The center is staffed with certified and experienced counselors who specialize in pre-marital counselling. These professionals are trained to address the unique challenges faced by couples, including those related to culture, family dynamics, and societal expectations.

3. Comprehensive Communication Workshops:

Effective Communication Training: Real Info Counselling Centre offers comprehensive communication workshops, emphasizing active listening and effective expression. These workshops draw from the expertise outlined in previous articles about pre-marital counselling.

4. Conflict Resolution Programs:

Constructive Conflict Resolution: The center provides programs focused on constructive conflict resolution, ensuring that couples have the tools to manage disagreements in a healthy and respectful manner.

5. Financial Planning Guidance:

Financial Management Sessions: Understanding the significance of financial stability in Indian marriages, the center offers financial planning sessions, assisting couples in creating joint financial plans, managing debts, and making informed financial decisions.

6. Family Dynamics Discussions:

Addressing Family Influences: Real Info Counselling Centre facilitates discussions on family dynamics, helping couples navigate the impact of extended families and cultural influences on their relationships.

7. Counselling for Arranged Marriages:

Tailored Support for Arranged Marriages: Recognizing the prevalence of arranged marriages, the center offers tailored counselling support to individuals and couples navigating the unique dynamics associated with this tradition.

8. Preventive Mental Health Sessions:

Promoting Emotional Well-being: The center conducts preventive mental health sessions, creating a safe space for couples to discuss any concerns and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health in the Indian context.

9. Cross-Cultural Competence Programs:

Cultural Competence Training: Acknowledging the global perspectives and cultural transitions faced by NRI Punjabis, Real Info Counselling Centre provides programs on cross-cultural competence, helping couples navigate cultural differences and maintain a strong cultural identity.

10. Legal and Immigration Counselling:

Guidance on Legalities and Immigration: The center offers counselling sessions addressing legal and immigration considerations, providing information on rights, responsibilities, and the potential impact of immigration status on the marriage.

11. Community Support Building:

Establishing a Supportive Community: Real Info Counselling Centre encourages couples to build a supportive community within and beyond the counselling sessions, fostering connections with like-minded individuals and families.

12. Technology-Enhanced Services:

Online Counselling Options: Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the center provides online counselling options for those unable to attend in person, ensuring that pre-marital counselling is available to a wider audience.

13. Post-Marital Counselling Resources:

Continued Support: Real Info Counselling Centre introduces the concept of post-marital counselling, offering resources for ongoing support and relationship growth even after the formal counselling sessions.

14. Comfortable and Private Environment:

Welcoming Atmosphere: The center is designed to provide a comfortable and private environment, ensuring that couples feel at ease and can openly discuss their concerns.

15. Flexible Scheduling Options:

Convenient Scheduling: Real Info Counselling Centre offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate the busy lives of couples, making it easier for them to prioritize their relationship.

In summary, Real Info Counselling Centre in Amritsar provides a comprehensive range of facilities and services to support couples in their journey towards a strong and enduring marriage. The center's expertise in culturally sensitive counselling and its focus on addressing the unique needs of NRI Punjabis make it a valuable resource for those seeking pre-marital counselling in the region.

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